Aims & Objectives

  • To promoting social and economic Development of the members organization.
  • To Promoting healthy lifestyle, sports for peace and development among youth worldwide.
  • Strengthening human and cultural contacts across national borders through sports.
  • To promoting healthy lifestyle through regular physical activities To support the members organization with their tasks and activities in all the field of sport and physical culture.
  • To promote the feeling of love, mutual co-operation and brotherhood all around the world and increase the involvement from grassroots level.
  • To promote Universal brotherhood, world peace conservation of the environment, human resource development.
  • To social, Economic and cultural Development through sports.
  • To promoting UN & UNSDP activities, arranging exchange programmers and cultural delegations.
  • To working for the social and moral empowerment of women through sports.
  • To encourage sports tourism & To contribute to international peace & To promote and exchange friendly international relations.
  • To promote the sports for all culture and promoting team building and best platform to encourage both male and female participation.
  • To fight against HIV/AIDS
  • To development of youth affected by terrorism economically & socially through sports and reduce stress through sports.
  • To supervise the organization of a multi-sports event that the held once every four year for member countries. These events shall be called the World pacific sports game and world pacific youth sports games and world pacific para  (Disabled) sports Game. World pacific sports game is a unique, friendly world class multi-spots events.
  • To run and manage sport academies and sports hospitals in different countries.
  • To promote gender equality through peace.
  • To reach sustainable development for youth in whole world.
  • To open sports counseling centre for players and coaches.
  • To preserve sports principals and to promote the Olympic sports for peace and development.
  • To Encourage and invite youth to participate in sports activities and competitions, community run social events for peace and positive changes in all terrorism affected and others disturbed areas in the whole world.
  • To encourage and promote traditional sports at world level.

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