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What is WPSF?

World Pacific Sports Federation is a non-profit, non-governmental, non discriminatory organization engaged in sports for peace and Development. To promotes friendship, brotherhood, tolerance, sharing love, fair play, respect, excellence and balance of body, spirit, will and mind as well as interdependence, joy of effort, equality amongst others , WPSF is constituted under the law of India founded on the 10 February 2018 in GZB City.

► Reflecting worlds Diversity, the concept of spots for peace and Development is to promote Olympic ideal that sport is a human right for all youths. The movement encourages sports activities that can be exercised by people of all ages. To develop both sexes and different social and economic condition. It also support fair representation of women in sports and encourage them.

World Means : - World refers to a particular group of countries and to all the people who live on this earth and our societies, organization, institutions and shows the way to life through peace.

Pacific means : - Peace, Peaceful

Sports Means : - Sports are all form of physical activity that contribute to physical fitness, peace, solidarity, mental well being and social interaction and relationship. These include play, recreation competitive sports games for peace and development.

Federation Means :- A federation is a group of sports organizations / clubs which have joined together and work for sports, for peace and development and share common interests.

Sports for peace and Development

To promote para (disabled) games for youth, children’s and adults with mental retraction, and to provide all facilities for peace and development.

To build peaceful relationship among people of all ages and cultures from personal to global through sports. To enhance solidarity towards peace and developments using sports as a catalyst for community transformation and development.

  • Global Peace and Solidarity through Sports


  • Peaceful local national and global communities. WPSF envisages a peaceful, transformed and just world where the integrity of creation and human dignity are the pillars for sustainable development. To create a better world through construction of a healthy and active communities for all through peace and sports. To promote and exchange friendly International relations and to contribute to international peace through sports.

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