What is WPSF?

World Pacific Sports Federation is a non-profit, non-governmental, non discriminatory organization engaged in sports for peace and Development. To promotes friendship, brotherhood, tolerance, sharing love, fair play, respect, excellence and balance of body, spirit, will and mind as well as interdependence, joy of effort, equality amongst others , WPSF is constituted under the law of India founded on the 10 February 2018 in GZB City.

Reflecting worlds Diversity, the concept of spots for peace and Development is to promote Olympic ideal that sport is a human right for all youths. The movement encourages sports activities that can be exercised by people of all ages. To develop both sexes and different social and economic condition. It also support fair representation of women in sports and encourage them.

► World Means : – World refers to a particular group of countries and to all the people who live on this earth and our societies, organization, institutions and shows the way to life through peace.

► Pacific means : – Peace, Peaceful

Sports Means : – Sports are all form of physical activity that contribute to physical fitness, peace, solidarity, mental well being and social interaction. These include play, recreation competitive sports games for peace and development.

► Federation Means :- A federation is a group of sports organizations / clubs which have joined together and work for sports, for peace and development and share common interests.

About Us

  • WPSF is a voluntary organization gathering national sports organization and  other federation, associations, club taking care about sports development from all countries,  continents and ocean continents. These national federations are referent associations, national level club in their own countries to organize activities related to sports for peace and development program. The WPSF activity is based on the ideals of democracy, peace, solidarity and active co-operation


  • Sports is a necessity of our life. It teachers us to stand up to the difficulties and dangers of worldly life which is real and true and sports provide a lot of recreation and physical and mental health. Healthy mind exist in healthy body. Sports often act like tonic and help to lift. It about of depression and disappointment. It make our life long. It contributes in physical fitness.


  • WPSF act as a contributory element in fostering international friendship and goodwill and promoting a new sense of cohesion around the world. It also reflects peace and solidarity, WPSF complements the long-term strategy for engagement and involvement of children, youths and aged person.


  • To develop and encourage sports opportunities regardless of regional discrimination, race Sex, caste and render service without any profit motive. To provide special consideration for rural, poor, weaker, under privileged and backward and tribal society.


  • To interact, facilitate and provide a meaningful assistance to promote and protect the natural environment away from pollution, violence, discriminations, racism & social injustices.


  • To promote the awareness of sustainability to improve the world living quality, poverty, peace. Security and human relationship.


  • To promote or undertake activates which will highlight and strengthen the bonds of unity and affinity between different religious and other groups in the society.


  • To undertake programmers or projects for providing assistance to the children of families affected by communal, caste, ethnic or terrorist violence which fracture social harmony, as may be decided by the executive from thyme to time, in particular for their care and education.


  • To establish relationship among citizens of other countries for peace.
  • The World Pacific Sports Federation(WPSF) is the organization that is responsible for the direction and control of the world pacific sports games.
  • Any disputes shall be settled as per  decision of the Ghaziabad City Court in India


  • Sports for peace and Development


  • To promote para (disabled) games for youth, children’s and adults and to provide all facilities for peace and development. To Promote gender equality for disabled person.


  • To build peaceful relationship among people of all ages and cultures from personal to global through sports. To enhance solidarity towards peace and developments using sports as a catalyst for community transformation and development.


  • Global Peace and Solidarity through Sports


  • Peaceful local, national and global communities. WPSF envisages a peaceful, transformed and just world where the integrity of creation and human dignity are the pillars for sustainable development. To create a better world through construction of a healthy and active communities for all through peace and sports. To promote and exchange friendly International relations and to contribute to international peace through sports.

Our Values

  • Peace and Nonviolence
  • Human dignity and integrity
  • To maintain transparency, accountability, inclusivity and participatory.
  • Sincerity and Volunteerism
  • WPSF is committed to seeking participatory, cross-cultural and transformative approaches to sports for peace and development and multi-disciplinary to respect law, fairness, Hope and unity.
  • WPSF has a Zero tolerance Policy against all forms of Harassment. To established internal grievance commission.

Our Activities

• WPSF conducts tournaments, championship, spots festival of different games worldwide to boost the spots the youths of the world are the golden assets but they are derailing due to proper guidance and very limited access to involve themselves in any  productive activates.

• WPSF give them the opportunity to engage in sports over the boundary for bringing peace and development prosperity in the society.

• To organizing sporting competitions, conferences and workshops on themes related to Pacific sports. Seminar and all sports coaching 1st and 2nd and 3rd level certificates program and coaches and referee, umpire training program.

• To create international fund for peace & solidarity.

• To organizing seminar for peace and solidarity on local, national and international level.

The WPSF recognizes the following categories sports games.

  • World pacific sports games
  • World Pacific youth sports games
  • World pacific para (disabled) sports games.


The WPSF will follow rules and regulations of  WADA. To establish a doping control program at the local, national and international level sports games.

Pacific sports Games is a multi sports event, much like the Olympic Games with participation exclusively from Countries around the whole world, it held every four years.

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