Welcomes Sponsors

WPSF welcomes sponsorship from all companies, non-governmental organisations individuals etc.

Support for the federation for activities:-

– national, regional, international championship.

– to official training courses.

– to co-operationwith international federations

– to charity programs through WPSF activities in world

– to specific coaching camps for players

– to create international fund for peace & solidarity.

Benefits of Sponsorship

– Sponsors will be our special guest could be present during the opening and closing ceremonies.

– Distributing promotional materials during all sports games

– Name/Logo will be display during all tournaments/sports games programs and world conferences

– Introductions to diplomatic person and celebrities.

– Typically sponsors wish to support activities that are enjoyable and memorable for audiences and participants, and provide occasions to build brand value.

– Top of the list on most sponsor requirements is media coverage. Sporting events such as season openers, sponsored giveaway nights, community interaction and playoff games, create opportunities for exciting and interesting newspaper photographs and television images showing sponsor logos on shirts or banners. Such exposure creates brand familiarity for consumers. When the logo stands out from competitors. That means increased sales from consumers who are looking to spend money.

Note :- Please contact to WPSF’s office bearers for a sponsorship. We hope a meeting with you if you are interested in sponsorship to discuss the various points for sports development.

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